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JAMU, Indonesias beauty, healing and wellness therapies. We welcome you to enjoy the rich tradtions of Indonesian beauty and wellness.

At JAMU, we are dedicated to these healing therapies and beauty rituals. JAMU, the essence of Indonesia honors the passage of life, in beautifully designed spas created to pamper and rejuvinate body and mind.



Traditional Massage – Restoring A medium-firm massage treatment uses long strokes, skin rollin

Traditional Body Treatments

Jasmine Lulur Body Scrub – Uplifting, Exotic, Floral Exfoliating. Pounded rice, curcuma powder

Spa Products

Raw Honey

Product Description: Raw honey is a honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or processed ...

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January Special - Boreh Spice Body Mask Treatments Warming and Muscle Tension Relief During Rainy Season